Status: Released. Available now
Release Date: October, 2015
Duration: 20 minutes

There’s an opportunity for many organizations to become world-class organizations that know how to get business results BECAUSE of their diverse and multigenerational workforce – not DESPITE it.

In this short, dynamic program, you’ll experience a NEW take on the hot topic of Generational Diversity – one that conveys the FACTS and the FEELINGS associated with our differences. It’s not meant to classify or compare one group of people to another, but to build NEW knowledge about the gap between the talents of the multigenerational workforce and what organizations are doing to engage this workforce to gain business results.

Curtis L. Odom, Ed.D. is a human capital strategist, writer, speaker, and thought leader on the subject of multigenerational work practices and priorities. He and his team at Prescient Strategists work with clients during mergers and organizational changes related to talent management. His extensive experience working inside organizations and as an external consultant has afforded a deep level of expertise and perspective.