We can often become emotional or stressed when encountering adversity, and we can often fall into the trap of giving up, blaming someone else, or quitting. Instead, we can learn to raise our resiliency and understand that with a few simple tricks and changes in mindset, we can confront and overcome challenges.

This course was designed to help you safeguard and improve your emotional intelligence. You will develop a better sense of self and identify things you are good at, while also recognizing things that need improvement. We will teach you how to read other people and situations accurately, allowing you to respond appropriately.

By the end of this course, you will have a stronger sense of resilience and self-knowledge. You will be equipped to identify triggers that affect you, such as being rushed or receiving negative feedback. A strategic resilience approach will help you to effectively confront and address these triggers.

  • Identify everyday triggers that negatively affect you
  • Respond appropriately to a wide variety of people and situations
  • Develop a stronger sense of resilience and self-knowledge
  • Confront a wide variety of triggers effectively