This new series from award-winning course designers at Mindscaling, based on the bestselling work of Karen Hough, is released in 4 modules:

Part 1: Develop Leadership Presence
Identify how leadership presence can benefit your work situation, recognize the value of different types of leadership presence, and create a skill development plan for increasing trust and influence at work.

Stuff happens. Maybe your team responds to an idea in a way you never expected. Maybe the people who were supposed to show up didn’t. Maybe a colleague expresses concern with your leadership style. Maybe someone finds a serious error in the report.

We all experience surprises. What if you could meet these surprises with ease and confidence? And what if you could create, through your own personal presence, space for more positive, collaborative engagements between people?

You can when you adopt the mindset of an improv actor! This means learning and practicing how to show up and be ready – ready to lead, to influence, and to contribute whether things go the way you expected or not. And to have leadership presence: something that builds the trust we need to work together through good times and bad.

  • The secrets of “improv” – a method of acting that elicits insightful communication and authentic interaction
  • How to demonstrate leadership presence and build trust by leveraging your strengths
  • Tips for making your conversations and presentations more meaningful and effective.