Duration: 50 minutes (10 part series)

Strength comes in several forms. You can be physically, mentally, intellectually, morally, or emotionally fit. The strength you value will depend on your experiences. Just remember that people have many dimensions, and strength and power can come from different parts of our personality. 

This new series from Mindscaling will help you build your own personal power and develop the type of strength you’ll need to accomplish your goals and dreams for your life. Lessons in this new series include:

1. Find Your Strengths
2. Recognizing Basic Human Needs
3. Practicing Mindful Reflection
4. Keeping Yourself Strong
5. Burnout Protection
6. Leading a Purposeful Life
7. Having Self-Compassion
8. The Strength of Being Vulnerable
9. People Have More Dimensions Than You Think
10. Stop Being Afraid of Getting Fired

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