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Check Your Email – Tips for Sending Effective Emails

Email is a convenient way to communicate and keep track of your conversations, but some emails are much more effective than others. Consider some of the bad email habits you might have developed over the past ten or twenty years. Correct those habits and optimize your emails to convey your messages more clearly and effectively.…

Can I Be Blunt? – How to Use Tact When Speaking Your Mind

Being direct can improve the effectiveness of your communication, but it’s important to be direct without being tactless. Once you cross that line, your communication can actually damage relationships and have the opposite of the intended effect. Learn to give criticism and convey clear messages without making the situation worse. Consider why and how you’re…

Mea Culpa – How to Admit When You’ve Made a Mistake

A mistake creates the risk of damaging your relationships and reputation, but it can also create the opportunity to improve your relationships and reputation. Taking responsibility for your errors without shifting blame and making excuses paints you as a more productive person to work with. When you make a mistake, take action to remedy the…