Shawn Hunter

Founder & President

Entrepreneur, author, idea developer. Shawn has collaborated with hundreds of business authors, executives, and researchers to create learning solutions. Shawn’s first company, Targeted Learning, was acquired by Skillsoft in February 2007. He is the author of Out•Think and Small Acts of Leadership.

Eleanor Guare

Co-Founder & Head of Learning

Eleanor is an award-winning learning designer and the creative force behind renowned web-based courses and learning products. With a rich background in corporate leadership, and talent management, Eleanor can translate complex needs into practical, creative learning products and solutions.

Neil Arnold

Technology & Platform

Software Engineer and Architect with more than 20 years of programming and application development experience, with 15 of those years designing and developing high-end, dynamic, database-driven websites. Neil’s diverse background enables him to understand all aspects of building applications.

Rhonda Senger

Business Development

Rhonda understands that sales is about helping, not selling. Business Development executive with a focus on developing customer success, and identifying market opportunities. She also does a lot of hiking with her dog and rocks the early morning boot camp.

Courtney Ford

Strategic Partnerships

Courtney is an accomplished content alliances strategist with more than ten years of collective experience managing partner relations, conducting client service, licensing digital rights, acquiring content, editing, writing, and project managing for content providers.

Jason Spooner

Lead Designer

As graphic designer, Jason unearths and captures a unique look and feel for each client, and makes sure his mobile responsive designs look great on both desktop and mobile. And he’s a rockstar. Seriously.

Colin Bonzey

Video Production and Editing

Colin is a video production and editing genius. A seasoned pro with D2 Productions, Colin has a knack for capturing ideas and stories beautifully on camera, and then editing that content to create entrancing results.

Sara Austin

Customer Experience

Sara brings wisdom, focus and brilliant experience to the team. Currently working on a doctorate in Educational Leadership, and wait until you hear this… working on a thesis on effective virtual teams. We are thrilled to have Sara on board.

Dan Graham

eLearning Developer

Dan crushes elearning production, from needs analysis and instructional design, to graphic and interaction development.

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