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Raising Resiliency

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Raising Resiliency

Duration: 40 minutes (9 part series)

This new micro-learning series, based on the bestselling work of Jen Shirkani, author of Choose Resilience: Break Out of Your Comfort Zone Using the Power of Emotional Intelligence

Most of us want to be happy and comfortable in life, but what if staying comfortable was the very thing that is holding us back and keeping us from our true happiness?

In this new series, Jen Shirkani challenges the notion that comfort is always a good thing, and instead inspires you to break out of your safe spaces to achieve personal and professional dreams.

With the backdrop of her own story of struggle woven throughout the learning experience, Jen shares practical strategies for overcoming personal challenges using the MOST model – Motivation, Optimism, and Stress Tolerance.

In this course you will learn:

  • To strengthen your emotional intelligence and build interpersonal skills, stamina, and resilience
  • To embrace challenge as a positive catalyst for change
  • Create strategies to increase your level of effectiveness through times of change

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