Chasing Dawn: An Adventure of Three Fathers and Four Teenagers Bicycling Across America




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Authors: G. Shawn Hunter and jon o. holloway
Hardcover: 148 pages
Publisher: Hunter Group LLC (December 11, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0692171448

Charlie had a moment somewhere in Wyoming, saying, “Dad, this trip has been amazing. Life-changing. I feel totally transformed. Can I go home now?”

Over the summer of 2017, three dads and their four teenagers bicycled over 4000 miles from Seattle to Yarmouth, Maine. This is their adventure.

If we want our kids to possess humility, perseverance, wonder, awe, problem-solving, and gratitude, then we should create an adventure that requires us to persevere through something difficult, solve real problems out in the world, and be filled with awe and wonder and splendid sights. And we should accomplish this by ourselves, in unfamiliar and often challenging parts of the country, far from help.

One of the primary reasons we took the trip was to seek adventure to embrace the unknown, to set out to experience new parts of the country, and to encounter new people. But another big reason was that we wanted to give our kids an opportunity to further their development toward adulthood.

“Riding your bike across the America is something every cyclist dreams of doing. It’s a classic. A monument. But completing this feat with your kids is something very special indeed. In an era when so many of us live behind screens and in chairs, experience is our most valuable currency. While few of us will realize the dream of riding a bike across the country, Hobbit’s gorgeous photos and Shawn’s rich storytelling will make you feel as if you lived it.”
– Michael Stefanakos, Freeport, Maine
Founder, Southern Maine Mountain Bike Syndicate

Chasing Dawn is an epic journey by a master storyteller, but the deeper story is the gift these families gave to their kids. In a world moving way too fast, these dads did the impossible. They slowed time and shared an experience of a lifetime with their kids. The vision, purpose, and courage that made this trip happen and kept it going across this vast country should awaken in each of us our own adventure, our own trip, and our own gift to give.
– Kelly Wieber, Portland, Oregon

“The moment I felt sadness about the end of their journey was the moment I realized I was on the adventure with them all along. Chasing Dawn is a tale of family, friendship, love and the human spirit. And it doesn’t stop there. Within these pages is a love of country, a respect for its terrain and a longing to connect—with the surroundings and with each other. Their adventure invites the reader to join a personal journey and somehow, through the many miles and states, the story transcends the pages and invites the reader to participate.”
– Rachel Behrle, Annapolis, Maryland

“Rarely do we take the opportunity to push ourselves so far out of our comfort zone as this adventure must have done for the intrepid travelers. A big, audacious goal broken down into strategic chunks that tested their resilience, persistence and patience. Utmost admiration for the team on this journey every day made me (almost) want to ride across our much narrower country of New Zealand. Lessons in self, life, and perseverance abound in Chasing Dawn.”
– Kath Greenhough, Wellington, New Zealand

“More than the miles, Shawn shares the connectivity of family, friendship, and our great country. The travels of the group show how these tie together through their many trials, which are at times grueling, hilarious, and ultimately transcendent. Chasing Dawn is at once a lesson on how great things can be achieved, and a celebration of a simpler life.”
– Maura Thornton, Yarmouth, Maine

“What a gift Shawn and his traveling companions gave us in sharing their biking journey from coast to coast. I can vividly imagine their days through the narrative they shared while on the road. The struggles, wonderful interactions with so many people, the group dynamics, and the growth of each member of the group was phenomenal to experience. I’m so grateful their authentic story is now being shared with the world in Chasing Dawn.”
– Marion van Leeuwen-Kemmere, the Netherlands


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