Small Acts of Presence Bundle


Small Acts of Presence

This is the Small Acts of Presence Bundle and includes these four lessons:

  • The Power of Authenticity
  • Leadership Presence Requires Being Present
  • Choose Learning Goals, Not Performance Goals
  • Drunk on the Sound of Your Own Voice


About Shawn Hunter
Shawn Hunter is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, and currently Founder and President of Mindscaling, a company dedicated to creating beautiful, and intelligent online learning products.

He has been a speaker and advisor to Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, Canon, Treasury Executive Institute, Scotia Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Nintendo, the World Economic Forum, and numerous other companies. Shawn is the author of Small Acts of Leadership: 12 Intentional Behaviors that Lead to Big Impact (Bibliomotion) and Out•Think: How Innovative Leaders Drive Exceptional Outcomes (Jossey-Bass)