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Collaborating with Mindscaling is a complete joy! They bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and ideas, but it is really their creativity, flexibility and willingness to create a solution that fits the needs of the company that sets them apart from others in their field.

– Michelle Braden, VP, Global Talent Development at WEX, Inc.

Our E-Learning

Work for Companies

We have created many custom courses for organizations in recent years. All designed for specific audiences to make a meaningful impact and to change behavior and outcomes.

Custom content for Onboarding

When new talent joins, the people, the messaging, the vibe, and the clarity of experience matter a lot. The right learning experiences will build relationships, nurture progress and help retain your talent.

We built a series of courses specifically for scaling the onboarding process in a healthcare company.

This project
custom built for
This project
custom built for

Courses on Energizing Culture

A collaborative culture fuels innovation by bringing out the best from everyone. When we tap into our WHY, we become more energized, productive, and adaptable.

This custom project was built for a global branding company to deepen collaboration and nourish  company community and team involvement.

Custom Leadership Journeys

There are those in the organization we look to during times of crisis, in moments of uncertainty. These are strong leaders who inspire success, and elevate everyone around them.  These are the people who challenge us to be better, go higher.

This series of custom courses were handcrafted for a financial services company.

This project
custom built for

Our E-Learning

Work for Authors

Mindscaling specializes in creating high-quality elearning courses designed specifically around a body of work. Most of our projects are designed based upon the books, models, articles, podcasts, and intellectual property of a particular thought-leader, author or recognized subject matter expert.

Custom course on Leadership and Change

Faisal Hoque is an accomplished entrepreneur, senior executive, author, and thought leader. Mindscaling transformed his new best-selling book LIFT: Fostering the Leader in You Amid Revolutionary Global Change into an engaging series of courses.

This project custom built for Faisal Hoque
This project custom built for Jen Shirkani

Custom course on Resilience

Jen Shirkani is an emotional intelligence expert, keynote speaker, business leader, and nationally recognized emotional intelligence expert. Mindscaling built a series of courses based on her book Choose Resilience: Break Out of Your Comfort Zone Using the Power of Emotional Intelligence.

Custom courses on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Mark Kaplan and Mason Donovan are founders of The Dagoba Group, consultancy that specializes in leadership development in the area of diversity and inclusion. Mindscaling created a series of courses based on their best-selling book The Inclusion Dividend.

This project custom built for Mason Donovan
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Try our custom course calculator. It will give us a starting point to open a discussion. Let’s talk.


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