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We design and build high-impact elearning courses for your audience.

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Collaborating with Mindscaling is a complete joy! They bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and ideas, but it is really their creativity, flexibility and willingness to create a solution that fits the needs of the company that sets them apart from others in their field.

– Michelle Braden, VP, Global Talent Development at WEX, Inc.

Our E-Learning

Work for Companies

We have created many custom courses for organizations in recent years. All designed for specific audiences to make a meaningful impact and to change behavior and outcomes.

Custom content for Onboarding

When new talent joins your team, the people, the messaging, the vibe, and the clarity of experience matter a lot. The right learning experiences will build relationships, nurture progress and help retain your talent.

We built a series of courses specifically for scaling the onboarding process in a healthcare company.

This project custom built for

This project custom built for

Courses on Energizing Culture

A collaborative culture fuels innovation by bringing out the best from everyone. When we tap into our WHY, we become more energized, productive, and adaptable.

This custom project was built for a global branding company to deepen collaboration and nourish company community and team involvement.

Custom Leadership Journeys

There are those in the organization we look to during times of crisis, in moments of uncertainty. These are strong leaders who inspire success, and elevate everyone around them.  These are the people who challenge us to be better, go higher.

This series of custom courses were handcrafted for a financial services company.

This project custom built for

Our E-Learning

Work for Authors

Mindscaling specializes in creating high-quality elearning courses designed specifically around a body of work. Most of our projects are designed based upon the books, models, articles, podcasts, and intellectual property of a particular thought-leader, author or recognized subject matter expert.

Custom course on Leadership and Change

Faisal Hoque is an accomplished entrepreneur, senior executive, author, and thought leader. Mindscaling transformed his new best-selling book LIFT: Fostering the Leader in You Amid Revolutionary Global Change into an engaging series of courses.

This project custom built for Faisal Hoque

This project custom built for Jen Shirkani

Custom course on Resilience

Jen Shirkani is an emotional intelligence expert, keynote speaker, business leader, and nationally recognized emotional intelligence expert. Mindscaling built a series of courses based on her book Choose Resilience: Break Out of Your Comfort Zone Using the Power of Emotional Intelligence.

Custom courses on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Mark Kaplan and Mason Donovan are founders of The Dagoba Group, consultancy that specializes in leadership development in the area of diversity and inclusion. Mindscaling created a series of courses based on their best-selling book The Inclusion Dividend.

This project custom built for Mason Donovan

Online Learning

Design Elements

Within each product we create, we use a variety of applications to ensure the experience has a next-generation look and feel. Today’s learners are turned off by canned content and bland corporate tones. Content, images and video needs to be fresh, honest, and real.

Below we describe some of the key custom learning elements we use.

Micro-Learning Sparks

Often designed for drip-feed delivery over time, our efficient micro-learning design features on-camera talent delivering a key idea in a short, memorable story. We include a workplace example, ideas for action, a quick learning check and a downloadable resource.

Interactive Exercises

Drag and drop, matching, multiple choice, short scenarios, content exploration – these are examples of learning elements that make for an engaging experience.

Case Studies in Your Company

When we are trying to integrate learning points and challenge people to practice new behaviors, we use case studies that represent real situation within your company.

Your Role Models

Some of the most effective learning we have produced often involves showcasing leaders within your own company. We will conduct interviews with these role models to ensure their message is delivered in a powerful way.

Thought-Leader Video

In many custom Elearning productions we bring in experts from the field in which we are working. We will often enlist a bestselling author and speaker who can deliver video content in a compelling way.

Practice Peer Groups

These are peer or small discussion groups focusing on a topic, assignment, or activity. Practicing with peers and small groups is one of the highest levels of learning, second only to teaching others.

Learning Checks

We create short learning checks or quizzes to verify we are meeting objectives and to give learners some feedback on how they are progressing.

Branching, and Gamification

Branching is a simple way to deliver a relevant, and practical learning experience in a personalized manner. Gamifying the experience and building badges or Easter eggs into the environment hooks the learner.

Downloadable Resources

Tools, videos, podcasts, or practical reference guides are useful when available offline to apply to real work environments.

Leadership Labs

We conduct in-person or virtual sessions in which we introduce new leadership concepts and practices. Participants practice specific leadership and innovation activities on a regular basis, and report back on their progress.


Mindscaling has designed and delivered hundreds of engaging and actionable workshops to elevate leadership at all levels, democratize innovation, and build a growth mindset.


We produce all custom video content here, in house, with local talent. We have a diverse portfolio of local on-camera professionals.

Our Courses

We have over 240 micro-learning courses ready to be installed on your Learning Management System (LMS). Our courses are authored by award-winning designers, and built in the latest technologies. With more in production. Always.


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Our Team

The Genius Behind eLearning Magic

Shawn Hunter

Founder & President

Entrepreneur, author, idea developer. Shawn has collaborated with hundreds of business authors, executives, and researchers to create learning solutions. Shawn’s first company, Targeted Learning, was acquired by Skillsoft in February 2007. He is the author of three books: Out•Think, Small Acts of Leadership, and Chasing Dawn: An Adventure of Three Fathers and Four Teenagers Bicycling Across…

Eleanor Guare

Co-Founder & Head of Learning

Eleanor is an award-winning learning designer and the creative force behind renowned web-based courses and learning products. With a rich background in corporate leadership, and talent management, Eleanor can translate complex needs into practical, creative learning products and solutions.

Neil Arnold

Technology & Platform

Software Engineer and Architect with more than 20 years of programming and application development experience, with 15 of those years designing and developing high-end, dynamic, database-driven websites. Neil’s diverse background enables him to understand all aspects of building applications.

Dennis Welsh

Video Production

Dennis shoots our video content. That’s the easy part. His real gift is that he makes people feel at ease and helps them find their voice, their calm, and their confident center. We’re grateful for his presence and laugh. You can find him over at

Rachel Kwasniak

Director of Operations

Rachel sees the big picture, yet understands that details matter, so our customers can rest easy. She brings wisdom, focus and brilliant experience to the team. Rachel has a talent for learning new technologies, devising solutions, and solving problems without sacrificing relationships and quality.

Dan Graham

eLearning Developer

Dan has been helping us design and build our amazing courses since the very beginning. He specializes in the development of creative Articulate 360 Storyline and Rise projects. But he also uses Adobe Creative Cloud for Graphic Design and Video development/editing.

Jen Boggs

Lead Content Writer | On Camera Talent

Jen has a knack for researching and capturing just the right content and ideas for action in our learning experiences. A partner at Toderico, a premier client-centric marketing firm in Portland, Jen has a background in public relations, corporate communications, and writing and editing. Not only that, Jen is a pro in front of the…

Mark Erickson

eLearning Developer

Experienced Elearning Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in E-Learning, Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office, Camtasia, and Training. Graduated from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania.

Tasha Rosenbaum

Project Management | Instructional Design

Senior Instructional Designer who guides organizations creating valuable learning courses for their employees and clients. Companies and professionals enjoy working with me because I can pinpoint the best ways to streamline knowledge delivery and make it accessible to all.

Our Blog

Fresh ideas on the intersection of leadership, innovation, and organizational culture.
And maybe a shameless plug for our work. We love what we do.

Create Your Custom
Leadership Journey

Using Our eLearning Library

Each business is unique, with specific goals and strategies. Your leaders, managers, and team members must learn and practice new behaviors that create successful outcomes.

You also probably have a good idea as to what is appealing to your employees and you’re tired of spending money on generic training programs that don’t work…

It’s time to create something that matches your need.

We will guide you in crafting a learning experience that will create behavior change in fun, engaging ways. The result will be specifically, elegantly, and purposefully yours.

You will define the audience, topics, design flow, talent, learning elements, and duration. We will make it.

eLearning Design

Built for Impact

From the day your people come in and try to figure out where the coffee maker is, to supporting their aspiration as an emerging leader, to developing them as a new manager, and building them up as they become executive leaders in the organization, we build learning experiences that fit into the fabric and culture of your organization.

Built for Impact

Learners will be part of your strategic success.


You can trust the research and reason behind every learning design.


The learning experience is applied and integrated into daily work.


There are numerous opportunities for practice and feedback in every course.


Learners can reach desired levels of leadership.

Custom Leadership

eLearning For Impact


We Listen and Discover

Together, we look at your objectives through a unique lens that focuses on strategic alignment of resources, processes, and performance outcomes. The goal is to identify the specific behaviors you want people to adopt, and ensure those are aligned with the business goals of the organization.


We Ideate Together

Our storyboard approach builds a blueprint of innovative learning methods in a logical flow that will serve as the framework for your project. During this phase we will share learning practices we have used in the past that are effective and optimized for the busy learner.


We Bring It to Life

The storyboard design becomes reality. The Mindscaling team creates the communications, online learning courses, and supportive tools and live events, to deliver an energizing solution.


We Install, Test, and Administer

Everything is wrapped up in LMS-ready packages for installation and testing. Depending on your need, we also administer and deliver your learning solution at the best pace for your audience.


We Measure Results

The most powerful motivator is a sense of making progress in a way that is meaningful and has an impact in the world. Extraordinary change doesn’t happen by accident. We use evaluation and measurement to ensure your initiative is powerful, lasting, and transformative.