The Coaching Skills for Managers Series

This course series is designed to train new and experienced managers to become exceptional coaches. There are incredible benefits to teams and companies that come from great coaching. You will gain a personal sense of growth and purpose from becoming a great coach who can help those around you grow and develop. When you learn to be a coaching manager, you become less interested in your own personal power and more interested in helping others be happy and thrive at work.

Download Series Overview

Course Quick Facts:

  • Total Seat Time: 150 minutes
  • Number of Courses: 26
  • Downloadable Handouts: 20
  • Target Audience: Manager or Executive
  • Primary Competencies: Coaching; Goal Setting; Talent Development; Performance Management

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover the many opportunities to create a coaching relationship;
  2. Recognize the importance of confidentiality;
  3. Construct clear professional boundaries;
  4. Explore what traits are coach-able (and what is NOT coach-able);
  5. Use assessments to adapt your coaching style to fit your partner;
  6. Cultivate a coaching process to build real results;
  7. Embrace the power of experiential learning for your coaching partner;
  8. Provide field assignments that make an impact;
  9. Learn how to close a coaching relationship;
  10. Identify how to navigate common coaching challenges and get back on track;

Individual Course Titles:

  1. Make Time for Coaching
  2. Coaching is Different from Feedback
  3. Who is Coachable? What is Coachable?
  4. What is (and is NOT) Coaching?
  5. Creating a Coaching-Friendly Environment
  6. Adapt Your Coaching Style
  7. Cultivate the Coaching Process
  8. Preparing to Become a Coach
  9. At the Core of Coaching is Trust
  10. Coaching with the GROW Model
  11. The Experiential Learning Cycle
  12. Opening a Coaching Session
  13. Using Assessments
  14. The Skill/Will Matrix
  15. Active Listening
  16. The Power of Great Questions
  17. Broadening Awareness
  18. Assignments
  19. Giving Feedback
  20. Recognize Progress
  21. Closing the Relationship
  22. Coaching Challenges – Feeling Stuck
  23. Coaching Challenges – Accountability Issues
  24. Coaching Challenges – Protecting Boundaries
  25. Coaching Challenges – The Impact of Work-Life Stress
  26. Coaching Challenges – The Reluctant Coaching Partner