Effective Communication Series: Identify Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Communication isn’t just about talking or sending messages. Authentic communication requires reception by the reader or listener, and that’s usually a two-way street. Learning to communicate more effectively requires learning to be a present listener and to speak when it’s productive to speak. This course series reviews the purpose of each communication channel available to you and how to align that purpose with a clear delivery.

Course Quick Facts:

  • Total Seat Time: 50 minutes
  • Number of Courses: 10
  • Downloadable Handouts: 10
  • Target Audience: Professional
  • Primary Competencies: Communication; Collaboration; Active Listening; Team Building

Learning Objectives:

  1. Evaluate and develop your understanding of how others see you;
  2. Align your message and delivery to the goal of your communication;
  3. Learn to refine your questions to get the most advantageous responses;
  4. Use mistakes to improve workplace relationships and perceptions;
  5. Obtain and consider constructive feedback to improve your interactions;
  6. Evaluate yourself and your audience with the DISC personality model;
  7. Enhance your communications by selecting the appropriate channel for each message;

Individual Course Titles:

  1. What you see is what you get – Using self-awareness to help build your brand
  2. Wait, what? – Tips to be a better listener
  3. Asking for a friend – How to ask questions that count
  4. What I meant to say was… – How to choose the right words for your audience
  5. Did you get my text? – How to choose the right medium for your message
  6. Call me – How to level up your phone skills
  7. Check your email – Tips for sending effective emails
  8. You’re muted – Tips for effective video conference communication
  9. Can I be blunt? – How to use tact when speaking your mind
  10. Mea culpa – How to admit when you’ve made a mistake