The Thriving Through Emotional Intelligence Series

Welcome to our comprehensive online training course series designed to empower office employees to thrive both personally and professionally. In these seven short courses, we will explore essential topics, starting with self-awareness and self-regulation, laying the foundation for personal growth.

For managers, we provide guidance on building stronger relationships with their teams and fostering a positive work environment. We tackle the critical issue of toxic workplaces, offering strategies to drive positive change. Finally, cultural intelligence equips participants with the skills to embrace diversity and inclusivity in today’s interconnected world. Join us on this transformative journey, unlocking your potential and creating a harmonious, thriving workplace.

Download Series Overview

Course Quick Facts:

  • Total Seat Time: 49 minutes
  • Number of Courses: 7
  • Downloadable Handouts: 7
  • Target Audience: Professional & Manager
  • Primary Competencies: Emotional Intelligence; Personal Development; Resilience; Leadership; Team Building & Teamwork

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the difference between self awareness, regulation, esteem, and efficacy;
  2. Improve your mindset by avoiding judgment of others;
  3. Help managers identify areas for improvement in their own leadership style;
  4. Understand your team members’ aspirations and align them with the company’s objectives;
  5. Recognize the significance of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) in multicultural workplaces and its correlation with effective communication;

Individual Course Titles:

  1. Mastering Emotional Intelligence for Success
  2. Controlling Emotions for Workplace Wins
  3. How to Build True Confidence
  4. 7 Questions Every Manager Should Ask Their Team
  5. You Can Be a Positive Force in a Toxic Workplace
  6. 7 Keys to Reclaim Control of Your Life
  7. The Power of Cultural Intelligence