Your Mentor for Effective Career Growth Series

Throughout your career, you’ll encounter moments of uncertainty about decisions or actions. While a strong network of advisors can help navigate opportunities, avoid pitfalls, and recover from errors, not everyone has a mentor.

The Your Mentor program offers a virtual experience to equip leaders at all levels with insights and strategies for complex workplace scenarios. All participants will learn to make tough decisions, manage workloads, and seize skill-building opportunities. New employees will learn to articulate their contributions and develop emotional intelligence. Newly promoted managers will gain insights into delegation, prioritization, and performance. Experienced leaders will enhance effectiveness with consistent feedback, talent planning, and organizational improvement.

Download Series Overview

Course Quick Facts:

  • Total Seat Time: 200 minutes
  • Number of Courses: 6
  • Downloadable Handouts: 11
  • Target Audience: Individual, Manager, Director
  • Primary Competencies: Professional Development; Communication; Adaptability; Goal-Setting; Feedback; Performance Management; Talent Development;

Learning Objectives:

  1. Equip yourself with practical strategies to navigate workplace challenges independently;
  2. Foster self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and a proactive approach to career development;
  3. Learn to apply strategic thinking to your leadership style and team management;
  4. Seek, receive, and leverage feedback to advance your professional growth;
  5. Practice creating clear expectations, consistent assessment, and impactful conversations;
  6. Learn to align KPI’s with organizational goals while promoting a culture of growth and resilience;
  7. Structure talent plans to encompass critical role identification, performance and potential assessments;

Individual Course Titles:

  1. What should I do when I get upset at work?
  2. I am feeling so overwhelmed by the pressure to perform
  3. How do I know if I am doing a good job as a leader?
  4.  How can I accelerate my chances to be promoted?
  5. How do I create SMARTer goals and projects for my team?
  6. How can I create an effective Talent Plan to grow my team?