How can I create an effective Talent Plan to grow my team?

Leading a team with an eye toward the future requires a strategic approach to talent planning. In this course, managers and directors are equipped with the advanced skills to sculpt a talent development strategy that sustains organizational excellence. From identifying key roles that drive your team’s success to mastering talent prioritization and fostering development dialogue, you will learn how to proactively shape a workforce poised to meet current and future challenges. This hands-on guide provides the tools for building a resilient talent infrastructure that aligns individual growth with the company’s strategic objectives, securing the longevity and adaptability of your team.

Course Quick Facts:

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the strategic process of talent planning for aligning organizational goals with individual development;
  2. Structure talent plans to encompass critical role identification, performance and potential assessments;
  3. Make informed decisions regarding budget allocations, promotions, and skill development initiatives based on talent plans;