18 Tough Acts of Management


18 Tough Acts of Management



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This series focuses on the hard things of management – things that are critical to your success, but don’t always come easy.

In this course you will learn:

  • How emotional intelligence can deepen your listening skills and your relationships at work and with your team to drive success
  • Valuable ways to deal with crisis and adversity at work in new and powerful ways using innovative approaches and questioning techniques
  • How to deliver bad news, speak up for yourself, and turn adversity into positive challenge
  • Ways to manage your concerns about giving feedback and take action to make feedback meaningful for others
  • To adopt new ideas and practices associated with leadership

Lessons in this new series for managers includes:

  1. What to Do When You’re Ghosted
  2. How to Deliver Bad News
  3. How to Speak Up for Yourself
  4. How to Delegate Effectively
  5. Waiting to Talk is Not Listening
  6. Being Decisive
  7. Giving Feedback That Works
  8. Developing Emotional Awareness
  9. Every Relationship Teaches You Something About Yourself
  10. Win-Win Negotiation
  11. Build Resilience Through Perseverance
  12. Break the Crazy-Busy Cycle
  13. Don’t Just Schedule a Meeting, Host One
  14. Be Kind to Yourself
  15. When a Crisis Happens at Work
  16. How to Ask More Powerful Questions
  17. Change the Task, Not the Person
  18. You Can Learn to Lead